Mail Trustee 3.2

No Image allowing minimum possible mail server access time with a minimum volume of sent and received information. Mail Trustee supports up to 255 mailboxes and each mailbox may have its individual settings for spam filtering and mail rocessing. Mail Trustee has a flexible system of settings which allows adapting it to a user`s needs. An individual functioning cycle can be set up for each mailbox; it will include: - Receiving mail from mail client with further

InkSaver 2.0: InkSaver allows you to control the amount of ink used by your inkjet printer.
InkSaver 2.0

allows you to control the amount of ink used by your printer, saving you money by making your inkjet cartridges last longer, up to 400%. It works by simply allowing you to adjust the ink savings slider and print! Behind the scenes, InkSaver’s patent pending technology optimizes your printer data so that you use less ink. The best way to save ink while maintaining print quality. This trial of InkSaver 2.0 allows you to full control the amount of

inksaver, printer, ink saver, inkjet, money, print, save, cartridge, cartridges, ink cartridges

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Crazaa 3.55

allows you to connect simultaneously to Gnutella and OpenFT networks giving you faster download speeds and more files compared to other file sharing programs. Crazaa supports any file type, allowing you access to a diverse assortment of shared video and picture files, as well as the usual MP3 audio files. Crazaa also features a media player which lets you play back and view MP3 and video files. Crazaa is designed to be simple and allows anyone to

openft, gnutella, kazaa, share, file sharing program, peer to peer, download

Virtual Room Emulator VST 1.4: Virtual Room Emulator is a VST reverb plug-in for native PC platforms.
Virtual Room Emulator VST 1.4

Virtual Room Emulator is a VST reverb plug-in for native PC platforms. Used to create psycho-acoustic models in the DSP environment. It simulates the reverberation of a sound in a rectangular type room, allowing separate control of the room`s width, depth and height. It also allows you to control the distance between the listener and the sound positioned in that virtual room.

dumping, post, late, gate, room, damp, factor, daniel laiseca, production, ambient, early, vsti, reverberation

File Uploader 1.10: Uploads files or folders to a WWW or FTP server
File Uploader 1.10

FileUploader is a small command-line tool which allows the uploading of one or many files (wildcards allowed) to a Web server (POST or PUT methods) or to a FTP server. It can be easily inserted in a script or a batch file to automate file uploading. Run upload.exe in a Command Prompt to learn more about its syntax and its parameters.

https, file, secure, post, authentication, http, upload, passive, proxy, wildcard

A WebShare Meta Finder 1.0: WebShare Meta Finder,powerful search toolbar from the web and the p2p network.
A WebShare Meta Finder 1.0

Allowing you to submit queries for finding p2p files to download from Kazaa, eMule, eDonkey and Bit Torrent. Compatible with all browsers, Allowing you to search through categories, Allowing you the search at downloads sites like and Tucows. Have a very friendly interface allowing even unskilled surfer to find what ever he is looking for. WebShare Meta Finder can run on background. You won`t even notice it is there, And when you will

google, search, bittorrent, kazza, emule, torrent, find, meta, finder, search engine, altavista, kazaa, engine

Instant FMLA Software 3.0: iFMLA offers eligibility screening, automatic notifications, and expiree alerts.
Instant FMLA Software 3.0

Instantly manage FMLA, leave, personnel records, equipment and benefits with this human resources software. Designed to meet your HR management needs, iFMLA manages eligibility screening and raises alerts when FMLA runs out. It allows you to send FMLA notifications automatically and also integrates with payroll software. Instant FMLA is a powerful HRIS that can be upgraded to allow employees to check their own leave over the Internet.

attendance, benefits, time, paid time off, hris, fmla, human resources, hrms, vacation, tdrp, equipment, leave

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